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Delivering for Irvine

"I led efforts toward finally getting the Orange County Great Park built and I've reviewed and worked to improve policies to ensure development in Irvine is responsible and managed. I roll up my sleeves every day, working hard to maintain and enhance the quality of life we enjoy in this city by supporting our schools, our police, and keeping us moving on our streets and roadways ... " 
- Irvine Vice Mayor Anthony Kuo
How has Anthony Kuo helped Irvine?
Keeping Irvine Safe

Anthony consistently leads the discussion on public safety in Irvine. Whether it's his support of our frontline officers and firefighters, to formulating and implementing policies to help keep our neighborhoods safe, public safety is always top of mind for him. That's why earlier this year, he authored the proposal to establish Irvine's Property Crimes Task Force, for which he now serves as co-Chair.

Preventing Catalytic Converter Theft

From partnering with the Police Department to strengthen local ordinances and giving Police Officers better tools to arrest catalytic converter theft suspects, to partnering with Irvine's auto dealers to provide free etching services to drivers, and even sharing the model ordinance's language with neighboring cities, Anthony Kuo has led the efforts in Irvine to curb the rise of this inconvenient and expensive crime.

From Irvine's Schools, FOR Irvine's Schools


As the first elected representative in Irvine to have grown up in Irvine, Anthony Kuo is also the first to have attended and graduated from Irvine's public schools. Anthony has served on both the Irvine Unified School District and Tustin Unified School District's Liaison Committees during his time on the City Council. Additionally, he's a member of every PTA in Irvine, and has been actively supportive of students and public school programs in athletics, performing arts, visual arts, and STEM fields.

Taxpayer Advocacy

Anthony understands that public funds come from hard working Taxpayers. He's held the line on ensuring Irvine residents get the high quality of service from City Hall they expect, and deserve. As a result of this year's nearly $30Million Budget surplus, Anthony introduced a proposal to rebate the entirety of the 2021-2022 User Utilities Tax (first adopted by voters in 1987), representing a return of $4.7M to ratepayers.

Fire Safety

In 2020, Irvine experienced one of the worst fire emergencies in our city's history, with nearly one third of our residents temporarily evacuated. As Irvine's representative to the OCFA Board, Anthony Kuo has increased opportunities for the public to engage with firefighters and fire safety professionals, including hosting Wildfire Prevention presentations. 

Supporting Local Youth Sports

Anthony Kuo has long been a supporter of local youth and high school sports. He regularly attends athletic competitions and partners with sports booster clubs throughout our community. As one part of the City's COVID response, Kuo spearheaded the Council's decision to waive field and rental fees for youth sports teams who didn't get to play for a number of seasons! He has also served for many years on the Irvine Junior Games Steering Committee and the Board of the Irvine Children's Fund which raise funds to deliver affordable childcare at every Irvine Unified School District elementary school site.
Traffic Safety

Anthony Kuo, along with Mayor Khan, held discussions with Irvine crossing guards to promote pedestrian safety. These conversations resulted in, new traffic signals and safety measures at critical crossings, including specific improvements in College Park, the Colony, Woodbridge, and Woodbury Village. Additionally, Anthony has been an ardent supporter of local programs like the Irvine Police Department's annual Bicycle Training programs.

Affordable Housing

Anthony Kuo serves on the Board of Directors and as President of the Irvine Community Land Trust, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating and managing a spectrum of affordable housing in the Irvine area. Under Anthony's leadership, the Land Trust was recently recognized by the Kennedy Commission for their efforts to deliver housing options to special needs communities. Kuo also successfully worked with federal officials and regulators to allow for more streamlined financing of affordable housing in Irvine and more broadly, in California.

A Healthy Community


During Anthony Kuo's time on the City Council, announcements have been made by Hoag Hospital, City of Hope Cancer Research Hospital, and UC Irvine Medical Center, towards unprecedented private investments in regionally serving health-care. Anthony has been proud to partner with and support each organization's efforts to expand their ability to serve Irvine and Orange County residents.

Regional Leadership


Anthony was elected by his peers from 23 cities and unincorporated Orange County to serve as Vice Chairman of the Orange County Fire Authority, our regional fire protection agency. He also serves as Vice Chair of the Finance and Administration Committee for the Orange County Sanitation District where he provides input on wastewater and water quality for Orange County. Additionally, he was elected by the City Selection Committee, representatives of all Orange County cities to serve on the Orange County Emergency Medical Services Committee.

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