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  • Irvine Police Association (IPA)

  • Irvine City Employees Association (ICEA)

  • Orange County Professional Firefighters Association, IAFF Local 3631

  • Orange County Employees Association (OCEA)

  • Crime Survivors PAC

  • Veterans Alliance of Orange County (VALOR)

  • Orange County Business Council's BIZPAC

  • Association of Orange County Sheriffs Deputies (AOCDS)

  • Orange County Coalition of Police and Sheriffs (OC COPS)

  • OCFA Chief Officers Association

  • South Orange County Economic Coalition PAC

  • Lincoln Club of Orange County

  • Armenian National Committee of America, Orange County Chapter

  • former Assemblymember Scott Baugh

  • Irvine Finance Commission Chairman John Park

What People Are Saying ...

"Anthony Kuo will be focused on results at City Hall. He will bring forward common sense solutions to protect Irvine's high quality of life."

-Assemblyman Steven S. Choi, Ph.D.

"Anthony Kuo has been a proven leader in supporting local businesses, cutting red-tape for job creators, being accessible to residents, and protecting the interests of Irvine neighborhoods. He's the right choice for Irvine City Council."  --former U.S. Representative Mimi Walters

"Anthony Kuo has stood with families time and time again to support public education in Irvine. He understands the significance and is committed to the partnership of the city and the Irvine Unified School District." 
--Lauren S. Brooks, Irvine School Board

"Anthony Kuo listened to the concerns of our neighborhood and fought for more open space and better parks in Northwood. He stood up for us, was an effective voice, and has always been accessible."

--Tanja and Kevin Fournier of Northwood

"We support Anthony Kuo. He is probably the best prepared candidate to ever run for council in Irvine. We recommend him highly."

--Ray and Denny Quigley (Ray served on the first City Council in Irvine from 1971-1974)

Anthony Kuo not only held the line against developers, he drew the line to make sure they didn’t cross it. When a proposal to build 800 high density apartments on top of the Rancho golf course came forward, Anthony was more than just words, he took immediate action and was a strong a voice to stand squarely with residents."
--Richard Denzer, Rancho San Joaquin

"I've never met a person more dedicated to Irvine than Anthony Kuo. He cares about the citizens, and listens to their concerns. I can tell you that you won't find a better civil servant than Anthony Kuo. He has my vote."
--Kristi Smemoe of Oak Creek

“Anthony is fully committed to Irvine. It’s refreshing to see someone who works as hard as he does to consistently improve our parks, fix traffic, and the quality of life in our community. Supporting Anthony Kuo for Council has been an easy decision in our home.”

—Charles Rodriguez of Cypress Village

"As a city commissioner, Anthony supported families and parents in Oak Creek and Quail Hill to address traffic and stop the overcrowding of schools. He'll be an effective leader on the Irvine City Council" --Nasiba Makarem of Oak Creek

"As a member of the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), the safety of Irvine families and neighborhoods is important to me. That's why I'm supporting Anthony Kuo for City Council. He'll fight to keep our community safe by making sure public safety in Irvine is his priority."

--Bobi Rush of Woodbridge

"Anthony Kuo has worked with volunteer groups to expand trails for bikes and hikers in Irvine. He's from our community, knows our community, listens and understands our community."

--Dr. Paul Blaze of Turtle Rock

"As an active parent with Irvine Swim League (ISL) and AYSO, I know Anthony will be a strong champion for youth sports in our community. That's the type of leadership we need on the Irvine City Council, for sure!" --Liz Reed of Oak Creek

"Anthony's roots and commitment to Irvine run deep. Through the years he has demonstrated that by consistently urging and taking positive action to champion the City's best future for its citizenry."

--Larry Gassin, Northwood

"I've served in local community organizations for years. Anthony Kuo loves Irvine and his enthusiasm for Irvine is overwhelming. I'm supporting him because he'll be such a great addition to our City Council!"
-- Mary Curren of Woodbridge

"Anthony has always been the most dedicated and passionate person that strives to make Irvine a great place to live. He has my vote!" --Scott Greenberg, the Colony

"We never forget who the people that make a difference are. Difference is about things that we don’t benefit from personally. You are a 10 in my book and I do appreciate your support of the arts and culture." -- Hezy Shaked, Executive Chairman and Founder, Tilly's

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