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"As a commissioner, I led efforts toward finally getting the Orange County Great Park built and I've reviewed and worked to improve policies to ensure development in Irvine is responsible and managed. I roll up my sleeves every day, working hard to maintain and enhance the quality of life we enjoy in this city by supporting our schools, our police, and keeping us moving on our streets and roadways ... " 
- Irvine Commissioner Anthony Kuo
What Anthony Stands For ...
Traffic...let's get Irvine moving!

From day one as a commissioner, I encouraged the Planning Commission to become more engaged on the management of Irvine’s streets and intersections. My colleagues and I took a substantially more active role in the review, management, and delivery of transportation and infrastructure projects throughout the city. I pushed to reinstate a citywide Transportation Commission in 2016, and today, work closely with its members to keep us moving in the right direction.

Education...let's support Irvine schools!

As a proud product of Irvine’s public school system, I appreciate and recognize the role our local schools play in shaping our youth, in enhancing our neighborhoods, in protecting our property values, and in making Irvine an attractive community for families. The City must continue to support and partner with parents, educators, the school district, and our local non-profit organizations to do all we can to ensure Irvine’s youth attend schools in one of the best districts in the state and country. That starts with fixing congestion and traffic around our school sites, and extends to supporting parents on decisions in the classroom.

Public Safety...let's keep Irvine
America's Safest City!

Irvine has been named America’s safest city for more than a straight decade. As a graduate of the Community Police Academy, I'm working to keeping that trend continuing by supporting our police officers, and local programs like DARE, Neighborhood Watch, the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), and working hand-in-hand with neighbors concerned with increasing homelessness challenges. By encouraging our community to work closely with Police Department personnel, everyone can take ownership of the safety of our neighborhoods.

Parks, Sports, Seniors & Recreation... let's keep Irvine a great place to live!

I loved growing up in a community where parks were close by, bikeways and sidewalks were safe and plentiful, and where there were constant opportunities to learn and play. From the Irvine Barclay Theater, to programs for our youth, to organized sports and athletics, to services for our veterans and seniors, Irvine’s success comes from each resident’s contributions back to our community.

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