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Welcome to the Kuo Campaign

Welcome to my new website!

I love Irvine … and anyone who knows me will tell you that.

I grew up in Irvine, my family built a small business near UC Irvine, I attended Irvine’s public schools, got involved in local non-profit organizations and have had the privilege of serving on the city’s Planning Commission for the past five years.

As a commissioner, and Chairman, I have led efforts toward finally getting the Orange County Great Park built, reviewed and improved development policies in Irvine and have worked hard to maintain and enhance the quality of life we have in this city by supporting our schools, our police, and keeping our streets and roads moving.

Above all my responsibilities, I have enjoyed meeting so many residents, homeowners, and community leaders in an effort to ensure City Hall represents you. Your stories and experiences have inspired me and strengthened my love and pride for Irvine. And, that’s why I’m running for the Irvine City Council.

Irvine was an amazing community to be raised in. As a member of the City Council, I will continue to be a fair, open minded and informed public servant to represent our neighborhoods, as I have faithfully done on the Commission.

I love serving our community, and look forward to representing you in an even greater role.

Anthony Kuo

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