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National Donut Day in Irvine!

During World War I, the Salvation Army served soldiers donuts. And, in 1938, the Salvation Army held its first "National Donut Day" as a way to raise money for the needy during the Great Depression.

Today, we have dozens (yes, pun intended) of establishments throughout the area who serve the delicious round treats. As my public service to you, and as a another shameless plug for #shopIrvine #dineIrvine, here are some places in town where you can celebrate National Donut Day!

Mag's Donuts, 18863 Culver Drive (near Michelson Drive), (949) 786-1955

Dunkin Donuts, 15415 Jeffrey Road, #100 (near Irvine Center Drive), (949) 988-7067

Poquet Donuts, 17655 Harvard Avenue, Suite B (near Main Street), (949) 932-0800

Donut Star, 5365 Alton Parkway (Alton Square near Jeffrey Road), (949) 431-0509

Donut Star, 3907 Irvine Boulevard (near Culver Drive), (714) 368-0045

Ace Donut, 14474 Culver Drive (near Walnut Avenue), (949) 857-2332

Afters, 2738 Alton Parkway (Diamond Jamboree near Alton Parkway)

(top picture: I visited with the franchisee of Irvine's Dunkin' Donuts at Jeffrey Road and Irvine Center Drive the day before they opened in February; below: Donut Star at Alton Square is among Irvine's donut shops who are open 24-hours)

#AnthonyKuo #retailers #irvine #shopIrvine #dineIrvine #restaurants

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