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Irvine is Committed to Schools ... and so am I!

Growing up in Irvine, I attended Alderwood Basics Plus School (when it was on the north side of Woodbridge), Lakeside Middle School, Woodbridge High School during my freshman year, and graduated from University High School.

I couldn't be more grateful for the top notch education I received. In fact, each year, Irvine schools are at the top of all sorts of rankings, statewide and nationally.

Irvine Valley College, Concordia University, Brandman University, and of course, the University of California at Irvine, as well as satellite campuses for Cal State Fullerton, USC, Pepperdine, and others are consistently raising the bar in higher education.

There is no doubt our community is committed to our schools. From our students and parents, to our teachers and principals, to non-profits and the business community, we are all engaged in the pursuit of a quality education for our students, and we can all take credit in and enjoy the fruitful results.

This is why partnerships between City Hall, our community, and education leaders are critical. The success of our students and schools are indeed successes for all of Irvine.

I'm proud to be running for the Irvine City Council as a product of Irvine's public schools.

Whether it's discussions at City Hall on school traffic, the Council's support of the Irvine Educational Partnership Fund, or working with our exceptional police officers to ensure students' safety on our campuses, I'll have the experience, background, and tools to support the youth in Irvine, and help build on Irvine's remarkable reputation in education.

I'm committed to our community, and to education. That's why I have earned the support of leaders like Mayor Steven Choi, Sue Kuwabara, and Carolyn McInerney, all former Irvine School Board Presidents, as well as former California Secretary of Education Marian Bergeson.

I'm running for the Irvine City Council because it's important for us to have a community-based voice who will continue to ensure schools and education are a priority at City Hall.

PS. For those Irvine educators who are going to see this e-mail, this IUSD graduate is thankful for all you've done for students here in Irvine!

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