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Anthony Kuo re-Elected to the Irvine Children's Fund Board of Directors

Earlier this week, the Board of Directors of the Irvine Children's Fund unanimously re-elected Irvine Planning Commission Chairman Anthony Kuo to serve a second term as an Honorary Board Member.

In addition to Kuo, the Board also named the following individuals to serve for the 2016-2017 term:

Haytham Al-Sayed, TIAA-CREF

Dan Borland, Wells Fargo Commercial Real Estate

Marcy Brown, Hoag Hospital Irvine

Scott Carman, Velocity Productions

Mary Curren, Community Leader

Greg Goodrich, Wells Fargo

Rich Knowland, Brooks Street

Michael Means, KLAA-AM 830

Mary Miller, Community Bank

Suzanne Moshenko, Social Smarts Media

Rob Poetsch, Taco Bell

Charisse Redd, Hausmaninger, Benoe, Lang, & Alford

Sherri Renolds, SPLATT Design

Sharon Wellikson, Executive Director, Irvine Children's Fund

Susan Whittaker, Whittaker Planning Services

The Board elected the following individuals to serve as 2016-2017 officers.

Marcy Brown of Hoag Hospital Irvine, President

Greg Goodrich of Wells Fargo, Vice President

Rich Knowland of Brooks Street, Vice President

Charisse Redd of Hausmaninger, Benoe, Lang & Alford CPAs, Treasurer

Susan Whittaker of Whittaker Planning Services, Secretary

Greg Brooks, Irvine Unified School District Board of Education Member Lauren Brooks, Beckie Desmet and Cynthia Illingworth will also serve as Honorary Board Members.

Irvine Mayor Steven Choi, Irvine Unified School District Superintendent Terry Walker, and Theresa Collins, Director of the Irvine Junior Games Director will continue to serve as ex officio members of the Board.

The Irvine Children’s Fund is a non-profit community support organization, who since 1993, has raised funds to help parents meet the before and after school child care needs for children on Irvine elementary school sites and to provide child care scholarships.

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