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Great parents and great swimmers, making a great community

I just got back from the Royal Oak Pool where the Irvine Swim League's (ISL) Oak Creek Orcas faced off against the Deerfield Bluefins and the Park Paseo Northstars.

Dozens of youth athletes in the pool were cheered on by parents, neighbors, siblings, and friends.

Ancient Greeks, and later Nineteenth century British historians, believed that sports helped reinforce discipline, fairness, honesty, and courage within athletes. Today, when not in school, youth athletes are juggling practice, meets, tournaments, and competitions, as well as volunteer work, studying, and family time. By the looks of what I saw today, they found some time for popsicles, fun, and laughter, too.

The youth of Irvine are extraordinary, and continue to impress and amaze me. I'm also so pleased to see the incredible dedication of the moms, dads, and supporters of their kids. From driving around to practices, making sure the athletes are fed and hydrated, to lugging around EZ-ups all over the place, they deserve a special round of applause and thanks.

I'm grateful to have had parents and supporters growing up who drove me to sports events, play practices, volunteer assignments, group projects, and practically every place in Irvine. Irvine is a special community, but I believe it's because we have people firmly dedicated to making it better, people like the parents and kids I saw this morning. I'm running to represent these people on the Irvine City Council, to listen to them, to be responsive to their hopes for our community, and to help them keep Irvine a tremendous place for families.

Irvine Swim League has grown to 20 different teams of over 2,500 youth swimmers. Next year, Stonegate will be joining the League. Teams from all over Irvine started competing last week, competed today, and will have a total of five meets leading up to the League championships at William Woollett Aquatics Center on August 6.

For more information about ISL, click here.

For more information about youth sports programs throughout the city, click here.

Photos courtesy of Nasiba Makarem, President of the Oak Creek Orcas

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