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Irvine City News Endorses Christina Shea and Anthony Kuo

The Irvine City News recently interviewed candidates for Irvine City Council:

After reviewing each candidate’s responses to the questions submitted by [the Irvine City News], analyzing their experience and service to Irvine, their temperament and other factors, ICN endorses Christina Shea and Anthony Kuo for City Council.

Kuo has an energy and optimism that will be welcome on the council. When we asked him why he’s running for city council, his first reaction was “I love Irvine!” At a time when too many people are complaining and focusing on the city’s problems, it’s refreshing that Kuo leads by discussing our successes: “Irvine is on top in terms of keeping our families safe, ensuring our schools are providing our youth a stellar education, and protecting and supporting a healthy local economy. Staying at the top takes hard work, detailed planning, and dedicated leadership. Having served Irvine in our schools, homeowners’ associations, nonprofits, city hall, and among regional leaders, I have the history, experience, and know-how to protect our city’s quality of life.”

But it’s the mixture of enthusiasm for the city, and experience serving it that has us sold on Kuo.

What’s abundantly clear is that no one among the city council candidates has the experience, enthusiasm and community support of Christina Shea and Anthony Kuo. Irvine City News enthusiastically urges votes for Shea and Kuo come Nov. 8.

Click here to read the full article from the Irvine City News.

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