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Local Mayors and Councilmembers Solidly Behind Anthony Kuo for City Council

IRVINE, CA - Leading up to the November 8 election, Irvine City Council candidate Anthony Kuo has built an impressive team of supporters which includes over three dozen current and former mayors and city council members.

"The support I've received from local mayors and council members is incredibly encouraging," said Kuo. He added, "These PTA parents, business leaders, community volunteers, and others who have been elected by their communities understand the commitment, skill sets, and temperament needed to effectively serve residents and taxpayers at City Hall."

Irvine Mayor Steven Choi stated, "I've endorsed Anthony Kuo for City Council because I know he will be focused on results at City Hall. He will bring forward common sense solutions to protect Irvine's high quality of life."

In addition, Kuo's campaign has earned the endorsement of Irvine Mayor Pro-Tem Lynn Schott, current Councilwoman and former Mayor Christina Shea, as well as former Mayor Bill Vardoulis and former Councilmembers Ray Quigley and Greg Smith. Kuo has also been endorsed by over 30 other current and former elected city officials, including Aliso Viejo Mayor Mike Munzing, Fullerton Mayor Jennifer Fitzgerald, Indian Wells Mayor Dana Reed, Lake Forest Mayor Andrew Hamilton, Mission Viejo Mayor Frank Ury, Rancho Santa Margarita Mayor Tony Beall, and Yorba Linda Mayor Tom Lindsey.

Anthony Kuo grew up in Irvine, attended Irvine's public schools, and has served in numerous community organizations including the Irvine Children's Fund, Irvine Valley College Foundation, and Exchange Club of Irvine. He has been a member of the Irvine Planning Commission since 2011 and has been selected Chairman unanimously by his peers four consecutive times.

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