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Let's bring back Wild Rivers to Irvine

Like countless others who grew up in Irvine, I enjoyed the water slides, attractions, and fun of Wild Rivers during the summer. Earlier this March, I spoke at the Great Park Board and City Council meetings about how much I loved and missed "the Edge," and "Monsoon Lagoon."

I have been so pleased to have the opportunity over the past few years to meet with various stakeholders to discuss the history and community contributions of Wild Rivers, but even more pleased to discuss the future of a water park in Irvine.

Wild Rivers President Mike Riedel recently wrote:

"This is an election year so the decision on whether the waterpark will be delivered to you by Wild Rivers or another company will be decided by the City Council in 2017. There are three City Council seats up in the election. Christina Shea is up for re-election. Steven Choi is running for Congress and Beth Krom is retiring. All three of these current Council Members have supported Wild Rivers in the past. In addition Anthony Kuo, the planning commission chair, is running for City Council this year. Anthony has been a staunch supporter of Wild Rivers too. "While we have not spoken to the other candidates so we do not know whether they support us or not we do know [that] both Christina Shea and Anthony Kuo have been championing our cause."

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