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Happy National Water Park Day

Today is National Water Park Day!

While we don't have a major water park in Irvine, many of you know we once did: Wild Rivers. Some of you who have been avid followers know that Wild Rivers is set to make a comeback!

Having grown up in Irvine, I was always a fan of Wild Rivers. As a community representative, I've been an ardent and public advocate for their return to Irvine. Wild Rivers has been at the forefront of my mind for many years now. From meetings with their representatives, to friends in the community who both enjoyed Wild Rivers, and some who even worked there as youths, we've made tremendous progress!

"We are urging Irvine voters to support Anthony Kuo. He's an enthusiastic supporter of Wild Rivers and as a long-time community resident he understands what Wild Rivers brings to the City of Irvine. We have seen first-hand the love and commitment he has not just for Wild Rivers, but for the City of Irvine," said Wild Rivers President Mike Riedel.

Join me in celebrating National Water Park Day in your own way, as we all eagerly await and work towards Wild Rivers' return to Irvine at their future home at the Orange County Great Park.

Artist Rendering courtesy of Wild Rivers

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