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Irvine Council Candidate Anthony Kuo Receives OC Tax PAC Endorsement

Irvine, CALIF. -- Today Orange County Taxpayers Association Political Action Committee (OCTaxPAC) announced their support for Anthony Kuo in his bid for Irvine City Council. OCTaxPAC reserves its coveted endorsement for only the most fiscally responsible and economically effective leaders in Orange County.

“I am tremendously honored to be endorsed by OCTaxPAC today,” said Kuo. “They are leaders in supporting candidates who are champions of our economy. When I am elected to Irvine City Council I will continue to support programs that will benefit Irvine and that are fair for our Taxpayers.” In endorsing Kuo, OCTaxPAC issued a statement saying,“OCTaxPAC is proud to support Anthony Kuo’s campaign for election to the Irvine City Council. We know that Anthony share’s OCTaxPAC’s mission: to ensure that ‘taxes and tax-supported programs are fair, understandable, cost-effective, and good for the economy.”

Kuo has served as an Irvine Commisioner for nearly 8 years, where he has consistently exhibited prudent fiscal leadership. To learn more about Anthony Kuo for Irvine City Council, visit his website at To read more about OCTaxPAC, visit


Anthony Kuo was raised in Irvine and attended Irvine's public schools. He has served as an Irvine Commissioner for nearly eight years, during which time he has led efforts to ensure the responsible and efficient delivery of roads, parks, childcare, and infrastructure for families and neighborhoods. Additionally, he's proud of his work on the Board of Directors of both the BYU Management Society and School of Business and Professional Studies at Brandman University.

The Mission of OCTax PAC is to endorse candidates and ballot initiatives in accordance with their compliance with the Mission Statement of the Orange County Taxpayers Association, "taxes should be fair, understandable, cost-effective, and good for the economy." OCTax PAC is governed by its own Board of Directors and financed separately from the Orange County Taxpayers Association.

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