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Safest City in America ... 13 years in a Row!

Congratulations Irvine!

The FBI released data this morning and Irvine is the "Safest City of it's size." This statistic, for which we should all be incredibly proud, marks the 13th consecutive year we've been able to claim this designation.

If you look on the side of our police vehicles in town, you'll see the words, "in Partnership with the Community." Our Irvine Police officers and personnel live that expression every day, with skill, tenacity, and professionalism. It's the partnerships they have with everyday folks in the neighborhood, students in our schools, and non-profit organizations like Crime Survivorsthat help keep our community safe.

That safety will always be my top priority for our neighborhoods, residents, and businesses. As a graduate of Irvine's Community Police Academy, I appreciate and recognize the efforts of volunteers like Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), Irvine Disaster (IDEC), and Explorers supporting our public safety professionals, as well.

I'm proud to have earned the endorsement and support of the Irvine Police Association, the professionals who are on the front lines of preventing, investigating, and stopping crime in Irvine. They know that as your City Councilman, I'll continue my support for them, and make sure Irvine's Police have the resources they need to keep us "America's Safest City," for many years to come.

#AnthonyKuo #IrvineCityCouncil #IrvinePoliceAssociation #publicsafety #SafestCity

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