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Momentum Lining up Behind Anthony Kuo

IRVINE, CA - In the final days leading up to the Irvine City Council election, support for Anthony Kuo's continues to grow.

Organizations ranging from the Orange County Taxpayers Association to the El Mo Mountain Biking Club are backing Anthony Kuo for Irvine City Council. The Irvine City Employees Association, who represents the City of Irvine's community services staff, planning and community development professionals, non-sworn employees from public safety, and other city personnel, has also thrown its support to Anthony Kuo.

Last week, The Irvine City News stated, "Anthony Kuo has experience in the city, and has concrete answers to problems facing Irvine. It's Kuo's enthusiasm and love for the city, and experience serving it, that earns our endorsement. Kuo understands how to get things done in Irvine. At a time when too many people are complaining and focusing on the city's problems, it' refreshing that Kuo leads by discussing our successes."

A day later, The Irvine Weekly pointed out, ""Few people exude the passion for the city of Irvine shown by Anthony Kuo. He lives, breathes, and sleeps Irvine. That is exactly the type of person we want to see serving on the Irvine City Council." They added, "From traffic mitigation to housing, Kuo has perhaps the best background to serve on the City Council of anyone seeking the office this year. What sets Kuo apart from his peers seeking election is his unparalleled devotion of time to civic causes."

And in their Sunday edition, The Orange County Register's Editorial Board echoed the support, "We're confident Kuo understands Irvine and is well placed to move the city forward. We endorse Anthony Kuo for Irvine City Council."

Irvine's three principal media outlets join well respected community leaders like the Irvine Police Association, the District Attorney, and the Orange County Auditor in supporting Anthony Kuo.

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Anthony Kuo was raised in Irvine and attended Irvine's public schools. He has served as an Irvine Commissioner for nearly eight years, during which time he has led efforts to ensure the responsible and efficient delivery of roads, parks, childcare, and infrastructure for families and neighborhoods. Additionally, he serves on the Board of Directors of the Irvine Children's Fund and the Irvine Junior Games, and is a proud graduate of Irvine's Community Police Academy.

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