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Red Ribbon Week in Irvine

It's Red Ribbon Week in Irvine!

Red Ribbon Week, is a time we set aside annually to encourage and educate students in Irvine about the dangers of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and violence.

Many thanks to the Irvine Prevention Coalition, teachers, parents, and other leaders in the community for their efforts to encourage Irvine's youth!

I especially want to share my gratitude for our friends at Ruby's Diner in Woodbridge for their generosity and community involvement. For two weeks, they hosted families from all over Irvine and contributed a portion of their proceeds to the schools! Councilmember Farrah Khan and I had the great privilege to take "public service" to the next level by joining principals and teachers in serving milkshakes and sundaes, and even bussing a few tables!

#AnthonyKuo #IrvineCityCouncil #Irvine #publicsafety #IrvineUnifiedSchoolDistrict #youthprograms

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