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City of Hope gets OK to convert Irvine office building into outpatient center for cancer patients

Plans for converting an office building into the first phase of a new City of Hope campus in Orange County were approved Thursday, Dec. 19 by the Irvine Planning Commission.

The nearly 190,000-square-foot building in the Five Point Gateway Campus off Barranca Parkway and Alton Parkway will be used to create an outpatient cancer center.

“Our team is moving forward with great momentum,” Annette Walker, president of City of Hope Orange County, said in a release. “As always, we’re grateful to FivePoint for their partnership and support and appreciate the Planning Commission’s endorsement.”

City of Hope, a nonprofit clinical cancer research center, expects to invest more than $1 billion developing a comprehensive cancer care center in Irvine.

Future additions are expected to include a clinical research center and a hospital focused on cancer treatment. A third phase could expand the in-patient hospital by more than half.

The first phase of the campus is expected to open as early as 2021; the in-patient hospital is expected by 2024.

To read the full article in the Orange County Register, click here.

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