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California Lifesciences Comes to Irvine

IRVINE, CA - Today, Vice Mayor Anthony Kuo helped welcome California Lifesciences to Irvine and participated in a tour of local biotechnology firms.

Vice Mayor Kuo and Mayor Farrah N. Khan, as well as Councilwoman Tammy Kim, visited with representatives from local firms Masimo, Edwards Lifesciences, and AbbVie.

"Irvine can be proud that we're home to such a diverse, healthy and thriving economy," Vice Mayor Kuo said. "We can also be proud that our local business economy includes innovators focused on diverse, healthy and thriving communities," he added.

Also participating in the tour were state Senators Dave Min and Patricia C. Bates and Assemblymembers Cottie Petrie-Norris and Laurie Davies.

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Irvine Vice Mayor Anthony Kuo is the first member of the Irvine City Council to have grown up in Irvine. First elected in 2018 after nearly eight years as a City Commissioner, he represents the City on the Boards of the Irvine Barclay Theatre and the Orange County Sanitation District. Kuo also represents the City on the Board of Directors of the Irvine Community Land Trust where he is President and the Orange County Fire Authority where he is Vice Chairman. Outside of City Hall, Kuo also serves on the Board of the Irvine Children's Fund and the Advisory Board of Crime Survivors Inc.

Pictured: Vice Mayor Kuo showing Mayor Khan components of Edwards Lifesciences heart valves.

Pictured: Tour participants hearing from Masimo representatives

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