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District Attorney says Kuo will Support Public Safety

IRVINE, CA - Today, Anthony Kuo announced that Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas has endorsed Kuo for Irvine City Council.

"Anthony Kuo has proven that he cares about keeping our families and neighborhoods safe. Count on him to make public safety a priority so we can keep Irvine America's Safest City," said Rackauckas, Orange County's top prosecutor.

"I can think of few things more important than the safety of Irvine families," said Kuo. He added, "Having grown up in Irvine with the benefit of safe communities, Irvine's safety will always be at the forefront of my mind and my decision making. I'll work with anyone to keep Irvine safe, and am proud to have the support of our District Attorney."

District Attorney Rackauckas was first elected in 1998. Orange County Voters have since re-elected him to be Orange County's top prosecutor four times to that post. He previously served as a Municipal Court Judge appointed by Governor George Deukmejian, and as a Superior Court Judge appointed by Governor Pete Wilson.

Anthony Kuo was raised in Irvine and is a product of Irvine's public schools. He has represented Irvine as a city Commissioner for nearly eight years, during which time he has led efforts to ensure the responsible and efficient delivery of roads, parks, childcare, and infrastructure. Additionally, he's proud of his work on the Board of Directors of the Irvine Children's Fund and Irvine Junior Games.

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