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Celebrate National Ice Cream Day in Irvine

It's that time of year again ... National Ice Cream Day!

If you ask me, every day is a great day to enjoy ice cream. But, each year, National Ice Cream Day is specifically observed on the third Sunday of the July.

To celebrate, open your freezer or visit a local ice creamery here in Irvine! #shopIrvine #dineIrvine

Afters Ice Cream

2378 Alton Parkway (at Diamond Jamboree)

Cream, (949) 341-0636

Irvine Spectrum (behind Hurley / Nike)

Creamistry, (949) 777-6627

3172 Barranca Parkway (at Crossroads Center)

Churned Creamery, (949) 333-2289

6376 Irvine Boulevard (Woodbury Town Center)

Frozen7, (714) 389-9077

13238 Jamboree Road (Marketplace at Irvine Boulevard)

Haagen Dazs, (949) 450-0881

Irvine Spectrum (next to the Big Wheel)

Honeymee, (949) 536-5089

17595 Harvard Avenue (Harvard Place at Main Street)

Honeymee, (949) 536-5453

5414 Walnut Avenue (Orange Tree Square)

Mochilato, (949) 559-1116

14310 Culver Drive (Heritage Park Center)

Scoops N Scoops Creamery, (949) 786-0170

14111 Culver Drive (Walnut Village Center)

Stax Cookie Bar, (949) 861-2055

4187 Campus Drive (University Center)

Strickland's Ice Cream, (949) 387-9955

4523 Campus Drive (near California)

Thrifty Ice Cream at Rite Aid, (949) 250-4465

3875 Alton Parkway (Westpark Plaza at Culver)

Thrifty Ice Cream at Rite Aid

18112 Culver Drive (Culver at Michelson)

#Irvine #icecream #shopIrvine #dineIrvine

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