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Irvine Adds Names to Its Wall of Recognition

IRVINE, CA - Tonight, Vice Mayor Anthony Kuo and the Irvine City Council added names to the City's Wall of Recognition to honor Irvine community leaders.

Vice Mayor Kuo nominated former Irvine Police Chief Mike Hamel, South Coast Chinese Cultural Association Executive Director and Irvine Chinese School Principal Yulan Chung, and Hoag Hospital's Chief Hospital Operations Officer and former Irvine Children's Fund President Marcy Brown.

"We owe so much to community volunteers and civic leaders in contributing to all that makes Irvine so incredible, Vice Mayor Kuo said. "Whether its our commitment to public safety, culture, public health, and support for families, many of our citizens and corporate partners spend time lifting one another up to enhance Irvine's quality of life," he added.

In addition to Hamel, Chung, and Brown, the City Council and community nominated and recognized the following individuals:

Amil Aaron

Bernard Brooks

Sam Castelo

Monsignor Colm Conlon

Sergeant Major Raymond Terry Fitzhugh

Mary Anne Foo

John Ghoukassian

Jeremy Goldman

Rama Harishankar and Harish K. Murthy

Pat Moore

Leon Napper

Howard Regent

Frank Southern

For more information on the City of Irvine's Wall of Recognition, click here.

Vice Mayor Kuo with Yulan Chung

Vice Mayor Kuo with former Police Chief Mike Hamel

Vice Mayor Kuo with Hoag Hospital President and CEO Robert Braithwaite

and Chief Hospital Operations Officer Marcy Brown

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