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Irvine City News Endorses Anthony Kuo

IRVINE, CA - Today, the Irvine City News published it's endorsement of Anthony Kuo for Irvine City Council.

In their endorsement, the local publication stated:

Anthony Kuo has experience in the city, and has concrete answers to problems facing Irvine. It's Kuo's enthusiasm and love for the city, and experience serving it, that earns our endorsement.

Kuo understands how to get things done in Irvine.

Kuo has an energy and optimism that will be welcome on council. At a time when too many people are complaining and focusing on the city's problems, it' refreshing that Kuo leads by discussing our successes.

Kuo's deep connection to the city he serves is apparent when a list of his many endorsements is examined.

It's important that the city council reflect the city it serves, including the Asian American community. Kuo is the strangest choice from the field of worthy candidates to add diversity to the city council.

Kuo is known for his community involvement, both through his church and as an individual.

To read more about the Irvine City News' endorsement, click here.

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