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Vice Mayor Anthony Kuo - 2022 Committee Assignments

IRVINE, CA - Tonight, the Irvine City Council appointed its members to outside agencies.

Vice Mayor Anthony Kuo was appointed to the following assignments by Mayor Farrah N. Khan with unanimous support of the City Council:

  • Irvine Ranch Water District / City of Irvine Coordinating Committee

  • League of California Cities (Alternate)

  • National League of Cities (Alternate)

  • Orange County Fire Authority*

  • Irvine Barclay Theatre Operating Company*

  • Irvine Child Care Project (Alternate)

  • Irvine Community Land Trust*

  • Irvine Liaison and Coordinating Committee with the County of Orange

  • Irvine Liaison and Coordinating Committee with the Irvine Unified School District

  • Irvine Liaison and Coordinating Committee with the Tustin Unified School District

  • Orange County Council of Governments (Alternate)

  • San Joaquin Wildlife Marsh Sanctuary

  • Orange County Sanitation District*

  • Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) (Alternate)

  • Irvine Animal Care Sub-Committee

  • Hotel Improvement District Operating Committee

*In association with a number of these appointments, Vice Mayor Kuo serves in a variety of leadership roles including:

  • Orange County Fire Authority: Budget & Finance Committee, Ad Hoc Committee on Options for Cash Contract Cities

  • Irvine Barclay Theatre Operating Company: Executive Committee

  • Irvine Community Land Trust: President of the Board

  • Orange County Sanitation District: Vice Chairman of the Administration Committee, Vice Chair of the Audit Committee, Member of the Legislative & Public Affairs Committee

As a Councilmember, Vice Mayor Kuo has a number of representatives serving in appointed roles as well, including:

  • Christine Knowland, Planning Commission (Vice Chair)

  • John Park, Finance Commission (Chairman)

  • Dick Owens, Community Services Commission

  • Shilpa Patel, Transportation Commission

  • Jerry Chang, Senior Citizens Council

  • Carlos Carney, CPA, Investment Advisory Committee

  • William Von Blasingame, Green Ribbon Environmental Committee

  • Myra Firth, Child Care Committee

  • Brooke Cazier, Children, Youth & Families Strategic Plan Committee

Anthony Kuo is the first member of the Irvine City Council to have grown up in Irvine. He was first elected in 2018 after nearly eight years as a City Commissioner. Outside of City Hall, Anthony serves on the Boards of the Irvine Children's Fund and the Advisory Board of Crime Survivors, Inc.

pictured Irvine Barclay Theatre

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