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31st Annual Irvine Junior Games

With thanks to dozens of contributors and sponsors, hundreds of community volunteers, and over 1,300 student athletes and their parents, another successful Irvine Junior Games is down in the books.

Aside from my rosy cheeks and sunburn from the beautiful weather and forgetting to use sunscreen, the Irvine Junior Games is one of my favorite events of the year in Irvine. As a Games Committee member and Irvine Children's Fund Board Member, I work with so many incredible volunteers during the year to make this weekend a success.

To see all the different moving parts from the opening ceremonies and security, to time keeping, concessions, and more, these games help define our community. Not only do we get to see the grit, athleticism, and sportsmanship of 4th-8th graders from each of our elementary schools, but we're raising funds to expand affordable child care throughout Irvine.

I am continually impressed by our Irvine Children's Fund, as well as each of the community organizations I get to visit with throughout the year. Our families, corporate partners, and volunteers are working together to keep the ball moving forward in Irvine.

I'm running to represent you on the Irvine City Council because these kinds of partnerships, this generosity of volunteerism, and this spirit of community make me humbled to call Irvine home, and inspire my work on your behalf as a city commissioner, but more importantly, as your neighbor.

Pictured (L to R): Irvine Children's Fund Board Member Dan Borland, Irvine Unified School District Superintendent Terry Walker, Orange County Supervisor Todd Spitzer, Irvine Mayor Donald P. Wagner, Irvine Mayor Pro-Tem Christina Shea, Irvine Children's Fund Board Member Anthony Kuo, Irvine Children's Fund Board Member Greg Goodrich, Irvine Unified School District Trustee Betty Carroll, Hoag Hospital CFO Andrew Guarni, Irvine Unified School District Trustee Lauren Brooks, Irvine Unified School District President Sharon Wallin, Hoag Irvine Vice President and Irvine Children's Fund Chairwoman Dr. Marcy Brown, Irvine Unified School District Trustee Paul Bokota, Irvine Junior Games Committee Member and Irvine Community Services Commissioner Kevin Trussell, Irvine Children's Fund Vice Chairman Rich Knowland, and Irvine Children's Fund Board Member Michael Means.

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