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Irvine City Council Directs Strategies to Prevent COVID-19

In its March 12 Irvine City Council closed session, the City Council deliberated at length concerning the effects of the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) on the City’s Public Facilities and Services. Based on those careful deliberations, the City Council unanimously directed implementation of the following items:

  1. City Sponsored Events: All City-sponsored community events through the end of April will be postponed. The Community Services department will make a list of those events available online. This will include the Great Park Balloon, Carousel, and Farmers’ Market.

  2. Senior Centers: The City's three senior centers and the Sweet Shade center will be closed until further notice, effective 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. Food delivery and pickup services and the TRIPS program will remain in operation.

  3. Adult Recreation: All recreation classes for adults will be postponed through the end of April.

  4. Evening and Weekend Youth Recreation: Indoor and outdoor recreation programs for children, other than after school and spring break programs, will be postponed through the end of April.

  5. After School and Spring Break Recreation, and Child Care: The City Manager will work with the School District Liaison Committee (CM Kuo and CM Khan) in coordination with the School Districts to determine the best course for handling afterschool spring break, and child care programs for youth.

  6. Private Events at City Facilities: Private events scheduled at indoor and outdoor City facilities (such as weddings, memorials, church services and sports leagues) will be postponed.

  7. However, the Community Centers shall remain open.

  8. Animal Care Center: The Animal Care Center shall remain open; however, events at the Animal Care Center shall be postponed until further notice.

  9. City Council and Commission Meeting: The City Council strongly encourages telecommuting by the public at City Council meetings, as authorized by the Governor’s emergency executive order, issued earlier today.

  10. City staff will work with Commissions to limit and consolidate meetings, in an effort to minimize public exposures.

  11. Committee meetings will be postponed until further notice.

  12. Public Facility Cleaning: The City will complete a “spring cleaning” and desanitization of all City buildings, starting this weekend. All people in City Hall will be encouraged to continue using hand sanitizers other cleaning materials made available in City Hall.

  13. Public Services: Starting next Wednesday, all services that can be performed by City staff online, by telephone or without a personal meeting will not be available at City Hall until further notice.

  14. Work Travel: Work travel shall be postponed/cancelled until further notice unless essential to a City employees’ ability to maintain a license or certification.

  15. City Staff Meetings: All in-person meetings shall be rescheduled as telephonic meetings, effective immediately.

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